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Fantastically soulful singer

“Bought the album after listening to her sing live. The music is wonderful but her voice is the real Treasure. Absolutely worth the purchase.” – LoopyChew (iTunes)

Azania is a STAR!

“Don’t let this woman’s beautiful face fool you, she can not only sing… She can SANG!!! The whole cd is filled with sweet soulful sounds that deliver a positive message. The only thing better than listening to this cd is actually catching her in concert with her skillful musicians. It’s quite the show.” – Quams (Amazon)


“I LOVE Azania! What an amazing, clear, soulful voice! If you ever get the chance to see her live, do NOT miss it!!! She glows on stage!!!” – MsKH29 (iTunes)

Outstanding Debut Album

“It is a special thing when we see a talented, passionate artist/songwriter put out an album that captures that talent and passion so well – and all the more so in a debut album. Azania here has put out a varied collection of songs that are both soulful and funky, and yet make one want to dance, clap and smile. Whether you like the fine rhythms or the moving, quite personal ballads, there is something here for you. I was delighted to find her talents on display with well-balanced instrumentation, including soothing piano – especially on BLOW ME AWAY – and moving, even haunting guitar solos on YESTERDAY, a song filled with emotion and powerful sentiments.”

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